The Ultimate Movie Scores – Part 1

Movies and music have always had a close relationship, perhaps it’s because it was the only accompaniment during the silent era and it just seemed to stick around after? Or (more likely) it’s the way music can convey emotions in ways we don’t even notice, letting us know how to feel during each moment of the story. Should we be sad? Queue the violins! Should we laugh? Blow the tuba! Should we be terrified? Make a horrendous din with whatever you can find! As time as gone on the industry has only take it more seriously with some of the world’s leading composers creating soundtracks to improve your viewing. It’s so hard to pick the best ones and of course it’s all down to taste but we’ve had a go at picking the top 5, see what you think.

5. Gladiator

Hans Zimmer is probably best known for his modern sounding, urban tones when it comes to his compositions. He is undoubtedly one of the most well respected composers today. His projects with the director Christopher Nolan such as The Dark Knight, Interstellar and Inception are perhaps his some of his best known works along with the soundtrack for the immensely popular Disney flick The Lion King, where won his first and only Academy Award to date. However it is his Gladiator score tops his works for us. At times powerful and action packed, at times beautifully moving it has all the sensibilities of a classic epic whilst adding its own elements to the mix which have since become synonymous with the genre. Without a doubt the most moving piece in the soundtrack is the song Now We Are Free which will have you pondering life and waving your hand through wheat fields whenever possible.

4. Godfather

The Godfather films, the first two in particular, are often remarked on as some of the best films ever made and there is no doubt that the soundtrack for this cinematic mammoth played no small part in that. The Godfather changed the face of gangster movies forever when it was released, it was first film to ever really and try to represent the truth behind the Italian American Mafia, using a variety of true stories from real members as well actually having some of them work on the film, not just as advisors but also as actors too. The score is composed by an Italian composer named Nino Rota who created the soundtrack in a way the felt rooted in the sounds of Italy whilst also portraying the tragedy of the story that perfectly portrays the overall themes of the film. When it was completed Paramount executives believed it to be too highbrow and wanted to scrap it entirely, though the director Francis Ford Coppola was so sure the film needed this score he managed to persuade them to keep it, which of course was the right choice. The song Speak Softly Love is an absolutely outstanding track that conveys power, elegance and sorrow, the perfect match to Vito Corleone’s tale.


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