The Highest-Paid Female Actresses In 2019

When we watch movies, oftentimes we do not think about the amount of work the actresses put in on the set. For the viewers who sit at home and enjoy the movie it does not occur how hard it must have been to film various scenes. However, what lies behind the silver screen are countless hours of work, tons of makeup, and probably even sleepless nights. We have compiled a list of just a few highest-paid female actresses in 2019.

1. Sofia Vergara

We all know the famous American TV show Modern Family. The show has been in production for the last 10 years and is a huge success among Americans, as well as across the globe. One of the main characters in the show – Gloria Delgado-Pritchett – is played by Sofia Vergara. Based on the stats from 2019, Sofia was making $500,000 per episode of Modern Family. Vergara’s income reached $44.1 million in 2019. Of course, starring in the show and a couple of other movies is not the only income for Vergara. She also has her own line of jeans, which are sold in Walmart, and which she promotes regularly on her Instagram.

2. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon made $35 million in 2019. She became famous after the movie Legally Blond, filmed in 2001, and since then she became a successful actress. Reese’s income does not come from starring in the movies only. In 2016, she has founded a media company Hello Sunshine. The company has been involved in the production of various American TV shows, one of which is The Morning Show, filmed in 2019, where Reese is one of the main characters.

3. Jennifer Aniston

Let’s be honest here – Jennifer Aniston secured her career and income by starring in the world-famous American TV show Friends, where she played Rachel Green. Even though the production of Friends ended years ago, the show is still being aired on TV and Netflix. Thanks to that, Friends remains a source of income for Jennifer Aniston after all these years. As of 2019, Jennifer reportedly made $28 million. The number is expected to be higher in 2020 thanks to the planned Friends reunion.

4. Kailey Cuoco

Everyone knows The Big Bang Theory – a show about geeky friends who try to solve physics problems, and at the same time get laid (except Sheldon). Cuoco has been playing Penny in The Big Bang Theory for 12 seasons. In 2014, Kailey and her co-stars were making around 1 million dollars per episode! Thanks to the success of the show, in 2019 Kailey made $25 million. 95% of her income comes from The Big Bang Theory, and as the show will likely be repeatedly watched on various show streaming services, it will be Cuoco’s income source for a long time.

Kailey Cuoco
Kailey Cuoco

5. Charlize Theron

Charlize has been working hard in 2018 and 2019, and we might remember her from movies such as Tully, Gringo, and Long Shot. Charlize had won an Oscar and she has been a producer on several of the projects where she was starring. As of 2019, she has made $23 million based on the roles played as well as from her own production company. Apparently, $9 of those $23 million was made from starring in and producing the movie Long Shot.


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