The Best Ever Musicals

There is nothing better than settling into your favorite armchair and relaxing watching a good movie. And in the case of musicals they have always been a family favorite, these spectacularly lavish affairs are great fun especially on holidays or weekends. But what are the best ever musicals? It is true not as many of this type of film genre are released these days so most of our best ever musicals go back in time.


Singin’ in the Rain

One of the best feel-good movies that was ever made, and full of great songs and dance routines. Released in 1952 and starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor. The plot centers around a silent film company that is trying to break into the talkies.


Sound of Music

Possibly the best musical of all time is the Sound of Music, released in 1965 the film has a more than credible plot and is exciting all the way through. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer play the lead roles to perfection and of course the excellent musical score by Rogers and Hammerstein makes every song unforgettable. The addition of the children provides a really humorous accompaniment to the whole affair, although there are some real tear-jerking moments too. The Sound of Music was nominated for ten Oscars and won five of them!


The Wizard of Oz

The story of a young girl that is swept away from a small farmstead in Kansas to a magical kingdom called Oz. To get home she has to enlist the services of a lion, scarecrow, and a tin-man to get her to the Emerald City and meet a powerful wizard. It is probably the movie that launched Judy Garland’s career and is a classic film full stop, not just a great musical.


My Fair Lady

Based on the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, this epic film about a phonetics teacher in Victorian London who plucks a simple flower seller from the streets and tries to pass her off as an educated lady to society. Audrey Hepburn is immense in the role of the rough street girl, and Rex Harrison plays a perfect foil. The songs come thick and fast and are some of the most memorable tunes in musical film history. My Fair Lady won eight Oscars and was actually nominated for twelve.


The Phantom of the Opera

This 2004 adaptation of the famous story of a tormented musical genius living in a Paris opera house is one of the best versions if not the very best. Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, Patrick Wilson, and Miranda Richardson head an all-star cast.


The story follows the obsession of the disfigured and murderous villain who is determined to have a young soprano either living or dead. The dark parts of the plot are highlighted by an exciting score, although you would not class this film as a sing-along musical. These films are among the very best musicals that ever hit the big screen, they represent the very pinnacle of this genre of film making, and the best thing about them is that you never get tired of watching them.


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