Praised Animation at the 2019 Oscars – Part 3

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Another sequel, this time to Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph, a film that revolves around the title character, a villain from an old arcade machine videogame whose decided he’s tired of being the bad guy. He accidentally finds himself stuck in a sort of candy themed Mario Kart game called Sugar Rush and befriends a character named Vanellope, who he helps to race again. This time however the game is missing a piece and as a result is going to get junked, Ralph and Vanellope then decide to head out into the world wide web in hopes of retrieving that part and saving Sugar Rush from destruction. Once they find themselves in the internet, they face a multitude of characters, some fun, some threatening and many familiar faces from Disney’s now overwhelmingly huge roster. Characters like each of the ‘Disney Princesses’, The Muppets, storm troopers from the Star Wars franchise and even a character resembling the late Stan Lee talking to Iron Man. It’s the perfect film for todays culture which is arguably more influenced by pop culture than any in history, something that it seems the filmmakers are actually quite aware of. The film received success at both the box office and critically. It was hailed by many as a worthy successor to the original entry in the franchise with a surprisingly satirical approach that highlights our own love affair with gadgets, apps and brands.

Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse

The final film on the list of nominees seems to tick a number of boxes that might put people off wanting to see it, especially those fed up with the genre. First of all, like I say it’s a superhero film and it’s understandable that we may start to see this first signs of genre fatigue setting in, especially considering how many are released a year. Not only that but it’s another new Spider-man film, how many origin stories do we really need for this character after all? Just to top it off, for those who care, it isn’t even about Peter Parker, how can you have a Spider-man film without Peter Parker? Well technically that’s not true, he is in it, he just isn’t the main character. But honestly none of that matters, not only is this possibly the Spider-man movie to date but it’s also one of the best superhero films of the year. We follow Miles Morales, a New York teenager that gets bitten by a spider, imbuing him with those famous powers we should all know of by now. As it turns out a portal to the multiverse opens up bringing different Spider-men and women from many alternate dimensions together to fight an array of villains. The film is both hilarious and heart-warming and displays an entirely unique show of animations with a style that mimics the pages of a comic. The film has received praise from critics and won countless awards including a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature.


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