Praised Animation at the 2019 Oscars – Part 1

This Year’s Nominees for the Best Animation Feature

It could be argued that there are certain genres that the Academy Awards hold in lower regards then others. Rare is the case that a horror, action or mainstream comedy movie will find itself with a list of nominations despite perhaps their popularity at the box office. The same could be said about animated movies, which play host a multitude of genres yet still, it is unlikely that we shall see them gracing the Best Picture category. There have been a few occasions in which this has happened, first with Beauty and the Beast in 1991, then Up in 2009 and finally Toy Story 3 in 2010, though of course none of these received the award. Often it could be said that these films simply don’t display the various qualities that are to be expected from a Best Picture nominee, after all we have the absence of actually seeing an actor perform which has gone on to become one of the most celebrated factors of a film. Throughout the history of the awards ceremony it almost seems criminal that certain animated films went without the praise they deserved, and yes, many of them received Best Original Song or Soundtrack nominations however when you surmise that a film like Lion King has gone on to arguably become one the most highly celebrated animated films in history it seems strange that it didn’t get some recognition for the film itself. Thankfully as more companies began making animated films it became possible to create a separate category to give these films the recognition they deserve and in the 74th Academy Awards for the first time we saw first award for Best Animated Feature. Since then the category has seen some excellent entries, some high profile like Finding Nemo and some more offbeat like Persepolis. This year is no different, so let’s take a look at what has been nominated for this year’s Best Animation Feature.

Incredibles 2

One of three superhero movies nominated for an Oscar this year and one of two Disney films nominated for Best Animated Feature, Incredibles 2 is (as the title suggests) the sequel to The Incredibles, a previous winner of the award. It begins directly where the first film left off and this time deals with the way that the public see superheroes, with the Parr family doing all they can to help shine a positive light on them. The first film concentrated on the father of the family, Mr. Incredible as he relived his glory days until eventually, he got in over his head and had to enlist the help of his super powered family and long-time friend (also super powered) in order to save the world. This film instead concentrates on the mother, Elastigirl as she fights crime whilst Mr. Incredible stays at home and learns how to become a better father. The film was produced by Pixar who have received more wins and nominations then any other animation production company, that being said this film was criticized for being derivative of the previous so therefore may not be seen as original enough to take the award home this year.


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