Focus on Bob Hope & Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby and Bob Hope became one of America’s most successful comedy double acts. Before they even met in 1932, Bing Crosby was an established recording artist and Bob Hope had made his name as a comedian and all-round entertainer. Their screen partnership did not start till eight years after their first meeting when they made Road to Singapore in 1940. By the end of their partnership the talented couple made seven blockbuster movies all under The Road To banner.

  • Road to Singapore
  • Road to Zanzibar
  • Road to Morocco
  • Road to Utopia
  • Road to Rio
  • Road to Bali
  • Road to Hong Kong
Focus on Bob Hope & Bing Crosby
Focus on Bob Hope & Bing Crosby

The Road Movies

Despite their obvious onscreen chemistry, Bing Crosby was known to be aloof during the filming of the Road movies. The gregarious nature of Hope made their relationship strained at times as they would always rub each other up the wrong way. And the honest truth was the pair just did not like each other, in fact Bob Hope disclosed to a close friend that he even hated Crosby’s attitude and did not respect him as a person.

Outside the Films

Outside the Road movies, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope were loved by the American people. They often appeared together in Christmas and Holiday TV specials and were frequently asked to jointly emcee celebrity events. Bing Crosby’s singing career reached the summit with the release of White Christmas which has been estimated as the world’s biggest selling record at fifty million copies. Meanwhile Bob Hope was one of the most popular compares in the entertainment community. He actually has been the anchor on hosting the Oscars with an amazing nineteen events under his belt.

Outside the Films
Outside the Films

Personal Lives

On the face of it, Crosby and Hope were adored by the American public, but privately they were very different. Hope had a reputation as a ladies’ man, and in fact a comment made by Groucho Marx’s son was quite illuminating. Bob Hope is believed to have made love to more women than Errol Flynn! Bob Hope actually employed a team of publicity agents to keep a lid on his philandering and to keep his name out of the tabloids. Bing Crosby was a little better at keeping his dirty laundry private, but in 1983 this all changed. His son, Gary, published an autobiographical memoir called Going My Own Way. No punches were pulled, and he portrayed his father as a cruel and vindictive man. It must be said in Crosby’s defense that not all his children agreed with the comments made by Gary. And that their father had many problems, but abuse was not one of them. It seemed that by 1980, both Crosby and Hope had pressed their own self-destruct buttons, and both of their reputations and legacies were in tatters. Bob Hope lived long past his old partner Bing Crosby, in fact until he was one hundred. And there is no doubt despite their personal differences and reputations that they brought laughter and enjoyment to millions of people during their successful careers. 


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