Film Festivals Around the World

The film industry has always been one of glamour and glitz, ever since the first lines were spoken on the silver screen. It represents a fantasy world, that every person can aspire to and allows two hours of sheer fantasy and indulgence. Actors, directors, producers and the most minor of film orientated roles have never been shy to walk in the spotlight, and thus the Film Festival was born. Let’s take a look at some of the most prestigious film festivals that exist today.

Venice Film Festival

Not the most well-known but the Venice Film Festival is actually the oldest in the world. It was founded back in 1932 and among the knowledgeable is the festival to take most seriously. The awards to be won at Venice include: Golden Lion, Silver Lion, Lion of the Future and many more. This is undoubtedly the most prestigious of all the festivals and is taken very seriously among the hierarchy of the film world.

Melbourne International Film Festival

The Melbourne festival is the biggest in the southern hemisphere, and its popularity is rapidly growing due the rise of Australian and New Zealand filmmaking in recent years. The stunning locations to be found in both countries have drawn filmmakers from all over the globe to ply their art. It is also one of the oldest festivals, founded just twenty years after the Venice festival. Some of the awards to be won at Melbourne include: Melbourne Grand Prix for Best Short Film, and the Holmes glen Award for the best animation short film.

Cannes Film Festival

The film festival at Cannes is probably the most famous in the world, and it too is one of the oldest. Glamorous Cannes is the perfect setting for the world film stars to walk the red carpet and attend premiers. The media hype that covers Cannes is quite unbelievable and the world press assembles to see the heroes and heroines of the world film industry. Awards include: Palme d’Or, Grand Prix, Camera d’Or, Queer Palm and the Prix Vulcain.

Sundance Film Festival

The new kid on the block as far as film festivals go, The Sundance Film Festival was only founded in 1978 and now is possibly the largest film festival in the USA. Its real focus is that of independent films both in America and Internationally. The awards that are given are for feature films but also attention is drawn to shorts and animated films. Sundance has regularly and bravely shown small independent films that would normally never have seen the light of day never mind about the silver screen.

Annecy International Film Festival

Annecy breaks the mold for film festivals as it is purely for animated films. Founded in France in 1960 it is held bi-annually and features all aspects of animation, be it drawings, models or cut-out papers.

These fantastic film festivals celebrate the big screen, the actors and the people who make and produce the films. Cinema is one of life’s greatest art forms as it can represent just about anything. From reality to sci-fi, true stories or fiction, cinema encapsulates its audience like no other art form does.


                                                      Venice film festival

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