Female Screen Legends – Part 3

Our third part at looking at the very greatest female film stars that have ever lived focuses on even more legends of the big screen. The film goddess was a feature of Hollywood and still is today, audiences flock to the cinema to see gorgeous and sexy females, dressed in hopelessly outrageous costumes and oozing charisma. They give the opportunity for everyday women to fantasize about life as a film star, dressed in Chanel and being pampered everywhere they go and that is the beauty of cinema, it lets you be somebody else for a small part of the day.

Brigitte Bardot

Bardot was nicknamed the original sex kitten and it is easy to see why, she broke onto the film scene in the Swinging Sixties and epitomized everything about it. She was liberated and represented a new modern form of sexuality. As a teenager Bardot was the youngest woman to feature in a fashion magazine and was famous for her trademark hairstyle and dark eye makeup. She was once described by the editor of Paris Match as immortal from head to toe.

Bardot loved animals and regularly promoted wildlife projects, her foundation the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals has raised countless sums of money for the deserving cases.

Grace Kelly

A Hollywood star with a capital H, Grace Kelly was a living legend, a film idol and a royal personage – she had it all. Originally planning a life in the theater, her talent and classic style caught the eye of film directors worldwide. She starred in eleven feature films which differed greatly and showed her acting capability to the full. Appearing in Rear Window, High Society, To Catch a Thief, High Noon, and The Swan, all her roles were different, and she could never be accused of being typecast.

Her famous marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco made her Kelly Princess of Monaco and she was just as much a superstar on the big screen as she was in real life.

Ginger Rogers

Famous for her long association with dancing partner Fred Astaire, they made countless movies together between 1933 to 1939: Top Hat, Swing Time, The Gay Divorcee, Flying Down to Rio, Follow the Fleet, and Shall We Dance. Her legendary singing and dancing prowess allowed her to perform on radio as well as film, and alongside Astaire they revolutionized Hollywood musicals in the thirties.

Jane Russell

In the 40’s and the 50’s Jane Russell was one of Hollywood’s biggest sex symbols. She made her first film when she was only twenty-three, with legendary director Howard Hughes. She co-starred with Marilyn Monroe in the hit Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in 1953.

Her films include The Outlaw, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Paleface, Macao, and Son of Paleface. She was as adept at playing comedy roles as she was straight, and this flexibility and her stunning looks made her a hot property in Hollywood.

We conclude our blog of famous female screen legends in part four, where we look at the lives of Judy Garland, Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich.


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