And the Nominees are… – Part 2

Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen are arguably one of the most popular rock bands in history, the band first entered the world of pop culture with it’s debut album simply titles ‘Queen’ in 1973 and the remaining members still play live events today. That being said, nobody in the band is better remembered than the dramatic and incredibly talented frontman Freddie Mercury who wowed audiences with his flare and new bombastic approach to the genre. The film Bohemian Rhapsody follows the story of Mercury’s time in the band, from when he first joined in 1970 through to his tragic demise in 1991. The film was a huge box office success, it has grossed $802.5 million worldwide, quickly becoming the worlds highest ever grossing biopic in history. Though the film enjoyed success at the box office it received mixed reviews from the critics, essentially the portrayals of the characters and the events that took place were deemed questionable, as well as a series of historical inaccuracies. That being said most critics agreed that the performance of Rami Malek as Mercury was inspired. Besides it’s Best Picture nomination Bohemian Rhapsody has been nominated for 4 other Oscars which include Best Editing, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing and perhaps most notably Malek’s nomination for Best Leading Actor.

The Favourite

It wouldn’t be the Academy Awards without at least one Best Picture nomination for a period drama, thou The Favourite isn’t necessarily your usual period drama. It focuses on two cousins, Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz) and Abigail Hill (Emma Stone) who are competing for the affections of Queen Anne (Olivia Coleman) in hopes of gaining power at court. The film is directed by Yorgos Lanthimos who has a very unique style, previously directing films like Dogtooth and The Lobster. This biographical comedy-drama has that same style which brings to it an entirely fresh take on the historical subject, for which it has received much praise. The Favourite has received 10 nominations including Best Picture, Director, Best Leading Actress (Olivia Coleman) and 2 nominations for Best Supporting Actress (Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone).

Green Book

Another comedy-drama to find its way into the Best Picture nominations, Green Book is set in America’s Deep South in the 1960s and tells the story of an African American classical and jazz pianist named Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) touring with his Italian American driver and bodyguard Tony Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen) which is based on true events. Tony Vallelonga is perhaps better known in real life as Tony Lip who later went on to become an actor, playing Carmine Lupertazzi in HBO’s The Sopranos. In fact, his son Nick Vallelonga co-wrote the script for Green Book. It may come as a surprise that the film is directed by Peter Farrelly, better known as one half of the Farrelly Brothers duo who are well known for making awkward and slightly offensive comedies such as Me, Myself and Irene, There’s Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber. The film has received a total of 5 Academy Award nominations which include Best Picture, Best Leading Actor (Viggo Mortensen), Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali), Best Original Screenplay (Nick Vallelonga, Brian Hayes Currie, Peter Farrelly) and Best Film Editing (Patrick J. Don Vito).


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